Engagement Model


Look Into Our Pricing Plans

Fixed Price Service Model

If your requirements and scope of work is well defined and having budgetary constraints then this is the model for you.

  • Well defined requirements and scope of work
  • Limited Time
  • Fixed budget
  • Small and Medium scale business
  • We will discuss and understand your requirement
  • We will analyze your project with further queries in response
  • Your feedback shall be taken regarding our analysis
  • Once analyzed, we shall provide you with cost and time estimates
  • Once you approve, we commence
  • In time delivery of your project as promised
  • Minimal changes during execution of your project
  • Tailor made solution delivered within fixed time and budget

Time and Material Model

Pay for what you consume, that is time and material model. If your requirements are not totally clear to start with and it gets evolved as development shapes up and you look forward to provide continuous feedback to improve upon then this is the right approach to take.

  • Requirements are not clearly defined upfront and it is likely to evolve over period of time
  • Medium to large scale business
  • Flexibility in budget
  • We discuss initial requirements with you and suggest the approach to take
  • Development begins and provision is made so that incremental builds can be released
  • Continuous feedback is sought on incremental builds
  • Over a period of time stable product/service gets established and released to production
  • Flexibility to changes requirements while in execution
  • Regular submission of incremental builds to receive your proper feedback
  • Increase or decrease your resources with keeping your budget in mind

Offshore Development Center / Extended Remote teams

Offshore development center model is now a popular business model which helps to lower operating expenses and raise your productivity levels by leveraging talent offshore. Idea of remote teams which acts as extension of your team is also gaining traction.

  • For startups as well as existing business
  • Best suited for product development/projects running for longer duration
  • Receiving your inquiry and discussing estimation for monthly budget
  • Provide human resource for building up a remote/offshore team as per your requirements
  • You can cherry pick the resources as per your requirement from out team members
  • Setup communication channels for daily communication and delivery
  • You get the maximum flexibility as resource is part of your team only full time
  • Cost savings Up to 40-60% in a well managed ODC/remote teams provided by us
  • You remain in total control you manage the resource yourself only
  • Establishing long-term relationship with a technical partner like us