Marketplace for Wellness & Grooming sector


Project Details

  • Category: Marketplace/ Mobile Application
  • Client: Business owners in wellness sector
  • Domain: Wellness, Beauty, Grooming
  • Project Duration: 03 months

Why & what this marketplace is for?

Wellness and grooming sector in India is very unorganized and lacks solid integrator or marketplace like the way flipkart/amazon is for e-commerce sector. Marketplace idea conceived and executed by us helps to bring all the service providers in the sector on common platform where they can advertise and sell their services and/or products directly to consumers. Apart from access to the platform and grow their reach, businesses can avail value added services like appointment booking, book keeping, advertisements, etc.

About Users

Targeted users of this app can be categorized as

1. Consumer / End user

  • Consumers who wants to avail services like salon, makeup, tattoo, spa, massage, etc

2. Business owner

  • Businesses who lists their products/services on marketplace and avail other platform services

Marketplace offers hosts of facilities for both consumers and businesses.

For consumers,

  • 1. they can browse through and compare the services/products offered by various businesses in sector
  • 2. they can book appointment online for the services
  • 3. they can avail discounts on services and products

For businesses,

  • 1. they can get their business online and they can advertise and highlight their services/offers to consumers
  • 2. they can manage their employees better with in built appointment manager system
  • 3. they can avail revenue data analytics to micro manage their offerings

Challenges / Problem Statement

  • Absence of credible marketplace for sector resulted in limited visibility/reach for businesses. Also, it was required to spend good amount of money upfront for owners to get their business online and advertise their product/services
  • Consumers were also deprived of choices, better service and good deals in absence of such platform. Manual management of business operations from business side lead to inefficiencies & customer dissatisfaction


Multiple systems were developed as part of complete solution :

  • To make system accessible and affordable for both consumers and businesses, solution was targeted for mobile platform only. Separate mobile applications were developed targeting consumers and businesses
  • Consumer app interface included searching for services and service providers, searching for discount/offers, booking appointments, reminder for bookings done, etc.
  • Business app interface included accept bookings, employee appointment / availability management, cash register management, create discount/offers, etc.


  • Mobile app was developed using cross platform development tool i.e. Xamarin.forms
  • Backend API was developed using .net core
  • SQL database was used to store data in backend
  • 3rd party component for Xamarin.Forms from Syncfusion was also used to ramp up the development and improve the UI look n feel
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Our Services

  • Preparation of (SRS) Software Requirement Specification
  • High level and detailed architecture designing
  • Integration and testing of various hardware with software systems
  • Coding, testing and maintenance of the complete solution
  • Deployment of systems across various terminals

UI of App