ScanNDo - QR Code Based Food Ordering n Delivery System


Project Details

  • Category: Web portal and mobile interface
  • Client: Restaurants/food joints
  • Domain: Retail Food Business, HoReCa
  • Project Duration: 3 months

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What is ScanNDo?

ScanNDo enables restaurant business owners to bring their business online and create their online presence. Apart from this, ScanNDo can also be used to offer touch free ordering/dine in experience to diners at restaurants using QR codes. ScanNDo offers complete online food ordering experience i.e. browsing of food menu, order cart, payment processing, order status tracking, etc. ScanNDo is ideal solution for small restaurant business owners to increase their business footprint through online medium.

About Solution

ScanNDo is basically a SaaS solution developed keeping in mind the needs of the small restaurant business owners. During pandemic time, people avoided visiting restaurants which resulted in great loss of business for owners. Through ScanNDo restaurants allow their customers to order their favorite food online and deliver to their doorstep. ScanNDo can also replace the physical menu of restaurants with QR code. Guests scans a QR code on his/her mobile, sees the menu and places the order via the mobile in a touchless experience without downloading any app ScanNDo gets your restaurant business online in a matter of few hours and in a very cost effective manner.

ScanNDo is simple, easy to use and safe

  • Customer points their phone to scan QR code which will open up mobile friendly complete restaurant menu on his/her phone
  • Customer can place the order and can also make payment using his/her phone. Customer can also receive the order fulfilment status updates on his mobile.
  • Restaurants will also get the notification about new order received from customers on the billing desk which they are using.
  • Restaurants can completely design their menu/offerings and can also offer promo codes.

Why opt for ScanNDo

  • Business owners can get their business online in matter of hours
  • Giving touch free ordering experience will ensure the safety of customers during pandemic situation
  • Giving the control of whole ordering process in hands of your customers will result in your business needing less staff
  • Businesses can run customized marketing campaigns where you can offer discount/offers through promo codes to get more conversion
  • Businesses get full payment from your customers without any cuts/commission charged by other platforms

Technology stack

  • Solution was developed fully using Microsoft technology stack
  • Middleware developed using ASP.NET - MVC.
  • Front end developed using HTML/CSS3/Material Design specification
  • Azure SQL database used to store data in backend.
  • Stripe and Razorpay payment gateway integration
  • All systems deployed to Microsoft Azure Platform. Azure Platform services like App Services, SQL Azure were used.
icrosoft Outlook Plugin
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Operation Management System
Operation Management System

How ScanNDo works?

UI of App Demo Video