Smart Parking Ticketing Solution

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Parking System
Parking System
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Project Details

  • Category: POS Device Application
  • Client: -
  • Domain: Custom Solution
  • Project Duration: 2 months

What is Smart Parking Ticketing solution?

The primary objective of the system is to streamline the process of issuing parking lot tickets and efficiently handling the traffic at exit gates. Our solution provides rapid issuance of printed tickets through POS machines, operates gates automatically upon payment, and calculates the fare accurately based on timing for which parking spot was used. All these results in overall efficient operation and a pleasing experience for vehicle owners. Also, digitizing the process of ticket issuance process plug the revenue leakages for operators

About Client

This solution was developed keeping in the mind the crowded spots e.g. malls, multiplexes / theaters, stadiums, exhibition centers, etc. where the public foot fall is very high and require efficient management of parking facilities. Operators who are getting the contracts to operate the parking facilities will be the main clients.

Our parking system has two components

1. Admin web panel

  • used to configure master data i.e. operators/users, vehicle types, fare structure vehicle type wise, etc. One very important use of admin panel is to view revenue reports with different filters i.e. operator wise, date range wise, vehicle type wise, etc. which gives very important insight/analytics to operators about the trends and where action is required

2. POS device app

  • App running on POS helps to print entry and exit tickets rapidly, calculate exact fare based on fare structure.

Challenges / Problem Statement

  • Currently parking facility operations are mostly managed manually only. This results in delayed clearance of traffic at exit gates and fare calculation is subject to manual calculation errors and subsequently loss of revenue of operators
  • Parking spot operators doesn’t have any data/reports to measure the performance and do course correction in their day to day operation. Also, manual operations results in revenue leakages as well


Multiple systems were developed as part of complete solution :

1. Admin portal

  • To support configuration of master data i.e. users, vehicle types, fare structure, etc. Also, through portal various detailed reports can be generated to give data analytics and insight

2. POS device app

  • Android based POS device runs the app to generate QR coded tickets. No internet connectivity is required in order to run the app. Configuration data can be synced from admin panel to POS device and ticket issue data can be synced from device to admin portal


  • System at large was developed using open source technologies i.e. admin portal Front end was developed using React JS where as backend API system was developed using Node JS
  • POS app was developed using Reactive Native for Android operating system
  • SQL Server was used as backend database to store all the configuration and ticket data
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Our Services

  • Preparation of (SRS) Software Requirement Specification
  • High level and detailed architecture designing
  • Integration and testing of various hardware with software systems
  • Coding, testing and maintenance of the complete solution

UI of App Demo Video