Flagship Project of Government of India to Promote Usage of Solar Energy in Farming Sector

PM Kusum
PM Kusum
PM Kusum

Project Details

What is PM KUSUM Scheme?

PM-KUSUM (Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan) Scheme is aimed at ensuring energy security for farmers in India, along with honoring India’s commitment to increase the share of installed capacity of electric power from non-fossil-fuel sources to 40% by 2030. Govt. of India is encouraging farmers to install solar operated water pumps for their irrigation needs and also making self sufficient energy wise and help them generating additional revenue.

About Client

Our client was awarded a Govt. contract to build the IT infrastructure needed to run the PM KUSUM scheme that includes launching the web portals and mobile application to roll out the smooth execution of the scheme till the last mile. Development of mobile application for various stack holders i.e. farmers (which are end users), EPC and DISCOM companies etc. was the key deliverables which we developed successfully. Mobile application designed with functionalities like registering farmer's expression of interest for the scheme, track scheme progress, perform site survey and inspection, monitor solar generation and solar pump operation data, scheduling pump operation, etc. Mobile application was also meant to provide crucial solar energy product data every day to farmers through push notifications. Farmers can also log any complaints related to installation and day to day operation to concern authority/department through mobile application. Offline mode was also developed in the application for few operations so that mobile application can still be used effectively when internet connectivity is not available in some of the remote village areas as well.

Challenges / Problem Statement

  • Target audience for the program was all the farmers across the India. So scale at which the mobile application was to be used was huge and establishing smooth operation to remotest area of the country was a challenge which was tackled easily with our robust development practices.
  • As operation to take place through mobile application, it was important to design UI/UX which is easy for user to understand and user can do all the configuration without any hassle.


Customer has entrusted us with complete responsibility of designing the complete system that included mobile application development, communication with gateways, backend API system, data generation & secured storage and other key functionalities. Mobile application communicated with solar for remote operation communication and scheduling was established through gateway using MQTT protocol. Data to both web portals and mobile application was fed through API system. Checks like location matching, uploading image proofs, sim card registrations, OTP verifications, etc. are part of the system to prevent frauds.


  • Middleware/data layer developed using APIs developed in .net and mysql database was used as storage
  • Mobile application was developed using cross platform technology react native and expo. Common code base was developed for android and iOS mobile application
  • For remote pump operation, scheduling, communication with solar pumps was established using MQTT protocol through gateway
  • protocol through gateway To support the offline mode, data was stored locally on mobile device using sqlite database
  • While locally, communication with switch boards was established using TCP/IP protocol
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Operation Management System

Our Services

  • Preparation of (SRS) Software Requirement Specification for mobile application
  • Technical Feasibility Study for the solution
  • High level and detailed architecture designing
  • Coding, testing and maintenance of the mobile application for both iOS and Android
  • Deployment to respective APP stores

UI of App