Customized ERP System

Agents deal
Agents deal

Project Details

  • Category: Web portal
  • Client: Big name in Traditional Medicine based in Singapore
  • Domain: Retail, healthcare
  • Project Duration: 6 months

Challenges / Problem Statement

  • This was basically a system/technology upgrade project. It was getting difficult to maintain old legacy system and to change existing work flows as per evolving needs. It was need of an hour to develop system using latest technologies and which support improvised work flows
  • Improvised look and feel as well and make system performant
  • Client wanted to expand its market share by making optimum use of mobile and web platform and also wanted to integrate data generated from these platform in this new system. So system design should be flexible enough to integrate/interact with different platforms and systems.

About Client

Client is Singapore based firm selling traditional Chinese medicine and market leader in this segment. Client’s product offering for anti-ageing, skin nourishment, health supplement, etc. is very popular in the south East Asian countries namely Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and even in middle east countries.


  • Old desktop legacy system was re written as intranet web application to make it open and easier to integrate with different systems/platforms.
  • Frontend application was intranet web application which user can open from any machine in any web browser and use it after logging in.
  • REST API service was written to communicate between the presentation and data layer.
  • All backend infrastructure i.e. REST API service, database, authentication mechanism was deployed on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

About System

This operation management system is used to manage company’s day to day operations i.e. managing customer records, service call management, order logging and order processing, inventory management, other admin functions, etc. Around 30 - 40 customer service associates concurrently use this system by logging into it to their system. Following are the details of functionalities implemented module wise :

Customer Module:

  • Add/Edit Customer records their contact and address details
  • Assignment of customer service associate to customer
  • Customer order history and loyalty program view
  • Customer search functionality based on search criteria i.e. Name, gender, address, health issues/history, etc.

Customer Servicing Module:

  • Service call listing along with call status
  • Facility to log the details of the call made to customer
  • Schedule the next service call for customer

Ordering Module:

  • Place new order for customer
  • Order processing i.e. Verify order, print invoices, assign delivery, close order

Inventory Module:

  • Maintaining stock details of the product based on inward and outward movement of products
  • Updating the stock in case of return products
  • Also, maintain product offering i.e. Add new products, Modify product details, etc.

Admin Module:

  • Calculate commission payouts for customer service associates based on their order logging for the month
  • Leave record management i.e. leave application and approval
  • User configuration i.e. modify password, activate/inactivate account, etc.
  • Sales chart showing product sales for given period
  • Charts showing performance of the employee in terms of their monthly sales


Asp.Net MVC 5 was used along with ready to use Bootstrap theme to build up the front end of the application. Knockout.js framework was also used to speed up and ease the UI development efforts. REST api service was developed using the ServiceStack framework to communicate with data layer. Using REST api service and deploying it on azure cloud platform made it easier for other systems to interact and exchange data in controlled and secured manner. SQL server database deployed on azure used to store all the application data.

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Services Offered / Scope of work

  • Turnkey responsibility i.e. design, develop, test, deploy and maintain
  • Data migration from old system to new system

UI of App