Smart Home for Smart People


Project Details

  • Category: Mobile app
  • Client: India based tech startup
  • Domain: Home Automation, IoT
  • Project Duration: 12 months

What is GS3 Lifestyle?

GS3 lifestyle is complete end to end solution for home and facility automation. It offers solution for electric devices automation, IR Automation and security automation. system includes an intelligent capacitive touch switch board which can be operated upon using mobile phone. Using GS3 mobile app, devices can also be operated from any remote location as well. GS3 also offers scheduling functionality which automates operations and results in energy savings as well.

About Client

Client was India based hardware manufacturer who had product range of IoT enabled switch boards. Client wanted to produce the complete home / facility automation product range using his hardware and mobile app developed by us. Vision of the client was to make best use of technology to solve the problem of providing secure and energy efficient smart homes of next generation. Advanced features like scheduling of the operations and scenes were the unique concepts to the system. Mobile application designed for the system was having all the functionalities i.e. configuring the devices, scenes, schedules, etc., TV and AC remotes, touch switches, room wise device operation screens, etc. Fail safe operations in case of emergencies were also integrated as part of mobile application.

Challenges / Problem Statement

  • Home automation was relatively new concept then hence it was important to establish secure, error free and reliable operation was key to success. In case of any problem, also trouble shooting should be easy and manual overrides should be available.
  • As operation to take place through mobile application, it was important to design UI/UX which is easy for user to understand and user can do all the configuration without any hassle.


Customer has entrusted us with complete responsibility of designing the software part of the complete system that included mobile application development, communication with switch boards, gateways and other hardware, data generation and secured storage and other key functionalities. Mobile application communicated with devices in local loop using the TCP/IP protocol where as for remote operation communication was established through gateway using MQTT protocol. All the switch boards were configured using the mobile application itself so end user doesn’t have to rely on service engineer to come and install it. Creating SCENE and operating SCENE at scheduled time was one of the key feature. SCENE means operating multiple devices at a tap of finger tip from mobile e.g. if outdoor lights to be switched off at 7 in the morning then using the SCENE configuration all the lights will turn off at 7 AM without sending individual commands to switch boards.


  • Solution was developed fully using Microsoft technology stack
  • Middleware/data layer developed using APIs developed in .net and sql database was used as storage
  • Application was developed using cross platform tool i.e. Xamarin.Forms. 90% of the code base was same for both iOS and Android platform.
  • For remote operations, communication with switch boards was established using MQTT protocol through gateway
  • While locally, communication with switch boards was established using TCP/IP protocol
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Our Services

  • Preparation of (SRS) Software Requirement Specification
  • Technical Feasibility Study for the solution
  • High level and detailed architecture designing
  • Coding, testing and maintenance of the mobile application for both iOS and Android
  • Deployment to respective APP stores

UI of App Demo Video