Health Insurance Business Intelligence System (Web portal to provide health insurance information from different service providers in most detailed and user friendly way)

Health Insurance
Health Insurance

Project Details

  • Category: Web portal
  • Client: Insurance house based in Australia
  • Domain: Retail, Insurance
  • Project Duration: 2 months

Challenges / Problem Statement

  • To collate relevant information regarding the health insurance policies from different service providers
  • Provide side by side comparison of health insurance product offering information based on the service provider, product and filters selected by user

About Client

Client is Australia based institution who wanted to come out with the web portal which will collate information related to health insurance policies sold by service providers and present this information to the user in most detailed and user friendly way. Click here to visit the web portal.

About web portal functionality

In order to access the functionalities provided by web portal, user needs to register with the portal. Once logged in the system, user have following options to carry out comparisons based on the filters/inputs provided by user:

  • Product comparison
  • Member comparison (under construction - Phase 2 deliverable)
  • Financial comparison (under construction - Phase 2 deliverable)
  • Claims comparison (under construction - Phase 2 deliverable)

Product comparison functionality will allow user to select the base insurance product (i.e. basic hospital, general, accident products etc.) and selection of the service providers for which user needs comparison. User can select up to 4 service providers in one go. In the detail comparison result, user will get following information for each service provider :

  • Yearly, half yearly, monthly, fortnightly and weekly insurance premium rates
  • Premium rates with and without rebates
  • Tabular summary of the treatments which is covered or not covered under the policy
  • Information on any excess charges to be paid
  • Wait period before any claim can be made
  • User can also download the complete policy detail in pdf document

In order to get more precise and relevant information, following filters can also be applied:

  • State (e.g. Victoria, Western Australia, New South Wales, etc.)
  • Policy Type (e.g. Single member, Couple, family, etc.)
  • Cover level, excess charges, etc.


  • Front end UI was designed using the HTML5, CSS3 and bootstrap
  • AngularJs framework was used to speed up and ease the development efforts
  • Service calls were returning the data in JSON format based on the filter information passed
Operation Management System
Operation Management System
icrosoft Outlook Plugin

Services Offered / Scope of work

  • front end designing of the portal
  • implementation of service calls and controller functions to retrieve data

UI of App