ITMS - Transport hubs for smart cities


Project Details

  • Category: Web application integrated with hardware
  • Client: Transport business owner in Africa region
  • Domain: Public transport
  • Project Duration: 06 months

What is ITMS?

ITMS stands for Integrated Transport Management System. It is integrated system meant for the transport hubs for smart cities. ITMS system is developed to elevate commuter’s over all experience using the technology and attract more n more people to use mass transport system rather than personal vehicles to their daily commuting. ITMS puts and end to chaotic commuting experience of the user i.e. standing in queue to get tickets, endless waits for buses to arrive, chaos at the time of boarding the bus.

About Client

Our client from the Africa region was into the transportation business having fleet of buses operating throughout the province. Client’s vision encompassed the development of key system features e.g. QR coded tickets, Bus arrival/departure information Display System, Bus live location tracking, chaos free boarding, etc.

The client emphasized on improving the commuter’s day to day commuting experience hence system was designed to:

  • issue tickets quickly using smart cards (which eliminated the need for cash)
  • QR coded tickets to facilitate the chaos free entry through turnstile upon scanning the QR code
  • arrival/Departure information display informing exactly when the bus will reach to terminal(which eliminated waiting period for commuters)
  • live location tracing for buses
  • easy replacement of smart cards in case of card is lost/damaged

Challenges / Problem Statement

  • System required close integration of hardware and software systems e.g. integration of hardware devices like GPS tracking system, smart card reader, thermal printer, QR code scanner, turnstile gates, etc. with in software system
  • Managing smart card operations i.e. recharge card, block the old card and reissuance of new card in case of lost/damaged card with balance transfer, maintaining card transaction history, etc.


Multiple systems were developed as part of complete solution :

  • 1. Admin portal To support configuration of buses, routes, ticket fares, bus schedule, etc.
  • 2. Ticket issuance & smart card Portal to generate tickets and support smart card operations i.e. recharge card, block card, new card issuance, balance transfer, etc
  • 3. Bus arrival/departure display system Display information of bus arrival timing and boarding status
  • 4. Turnstile system fitted with QR Code scanner To allow scanning of QR Coded tickets to allow users with valid ticket to board


  • System at large was developed using open source technologies i.e. Front end was developed using React JS where as backend API system was developed using Node JS
  • SignalR middleware was used to communicate with smart card reader
  • Windows service implemented to read the QR code through scanner and operate the turnstile after validating the QR coded tickets
  • SQL Server was used as backend database to store all the configuration and ticket data
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Our Services

  • Preparation of (SRS) Software Requirement Specification
  • High level and detailed architecture designing
  • Integration and testing of various hardware with software systems
  • Coding, testing and maintenance of the complete solution
  • Deployment of systems across various terminals

UI of App Demo Video