Agents Deal - e-marketplace and Brokerage Auctioning Platform for Real Estate Sector

Agents deal
Agents deal
Agents deal

Project Details

  • Category: Web platform / e-marketplace, auction platform
  • Client: Tech startup based in San Jose, CA
  • Domain: Real Estate
  • Project Duration: 15 months
  • Address/URL:

What is Agents Deal?

Agents Deal is a platform/e-marketplace for real estate space where buyers/sellers can list their requirement/property for buy/sell. This requirement/property listing of buyer/seller will be accessible to agents in the respective areas. Agents will put their bid for brokerage charges after understanding the quantum of services required by buyer/seller.

About Client

Client for this web portal was a USA-based firm providing services in the real estate sector. The client was aware of the pain points of the market and wanted to bring down the high commission rates of the real estate agents so that transactions remain fair to both principals (i.e. buyers and sellers) and agents. After a good amount of research and thought process, the client came out with the service tier-based commission charging by agents using the auction mechanism. Patent for the idea behind this implementation has already been filed in the USA.

Challenges / Problem Statement

  • Real estate market in US has an issue of high brokerage rates which agents charge. Due to this, the buyer upon buying the property immediately inherits the negative returns up to 2-3% and the market was looking for the solution to this problem
  • Real estate agents also have to spend a lot of time and effort to generate leads for themselves and providing end-to-end services to principals irrespective of whether the principal is a savvy investor or first-time buyer/seller.


e-marketplace allowed principals (i.e., buyers or sellers) and agents to register themselves on the platform. Buyers can put their property-related requirements and sellers can list their property to sell on the platform. All the listed information will be available to all the registered agents available in respective areas. The principal can also specify the level/amount of services they need from agents so that the agent can gauge the work involved and bid for the brokerage rate accordingly. Multiple agents can also put their bid for a single listing which will result in competition and the principal gets the best brokerage rate through the auction process implemented on the platform. Agents will also get encouraged to put their best rate as they get ready business through Marketplace and may not have to give full services to clients.


  • Solution was developed fully using Microsoft technology stack
  • Middleware developed using ASP.NET - MVC.
  • Front end developed using HTML/CSS3/Material Design specification
  • Azure SQL database used to store data in backend.
  • Data path to front end through API developed using .NET platform.
  • All systems deployed to Microsoft Azure Platform. Azure Platform services like App Services, SQL Azure, Scheduler Services, SSL certificates, SendGrid (for sending emails), etc. were used.
  • OAuth services used for login and registration using Facebook, Gmail and LinkedIn.
  • WordPress blog integration
icrosoft Outlook Plugin
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Operation Management System
Operation Management System
Operation Management System

Our Services

  • Software Requirement Specification (SRS) preparation
  • Technical Feasibility Study
  • Architecture designing
  • Coding, testing, and maintenance
  • Deployment to the cloud platform
  • Ongoing maintenance services

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