Desktop Application

Get the best and comprehensive desktop apps development services

Applications which are meant for organization's internal audience can be developed as desktop applications and it can be used on single machine or in intranet environment. Typical desktop applications could be dashboard applications, back office systems i.e. invoicing system, order management systems, etc. Desktop applications are mostly used for organization's internal resources to conduct day to day operations.

Why choose iKart Solutions for Desktop Application Development?

At iKart Solutions, we have a team of developers who are experts in Desktop application development using Microsoft technologies. We can also undertake technology upgrade jobs i.e. rebuild legacy applications/products which have been developed using older technologies i.e. VB, c++, etc. to latest technologies. We can also setup offshore development centre to take care of your product development needs. Our desktop application development services includes but not limited to
1. UI/UX designs
2. Backend data integration
3. Product development
4. Product/application maintenance and enhancement