Cloud Application

Most Authentic Cloud Application Development at iKart!!!

Off the late with the invent of cloud computing, enterprises have got more power on how they want to host and run their applications, services, infrastructure, etc. to suit their needs and load demands. Enterprises have been relieved from maintaining their bulky on premise infrastructure and Pay Per Use model of cloud computing has also given them huge cost saving.

Why choose iKart Solutions for Cloud computing services?

We at iKart use our expertise in cloud computing services to offer consulting services for enterprises which helps them to exploit the maximum benefits that cloud platform has to offer. Microsoft Azure is our preferred cloud service provider and we have expertise in Azure platform. We offer
1. Perform the audit to figure out organization's needs and adaptability for cloud platforms and services
2. Help organizations to migrate their existing systems and on premise infrastructure in phased manners to cloud platform
3. Perform audit for the cloud infrastructure already being used and suggest improvements and cost saving ideas
4. Architect cloud infrastructure as needed from scratch for applications that has been newly developed