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Mission - Vision - Values

To provide best in class enterprise solutions to businesses

To deliver what we have promised

To always be a learning organization and enjoy what we do

To develop optimum and innovative entrprise solutions for businesses by making best use of technology.

We are passionate about technology and strive to become leading technology company in IT domain.

We strongly believe in wealth of human resource and want to give our employees rewarding careers.

Trust: One of our core values at iKart Solutions is to treat each and every one as a family, whether an employee or a client. People with good loyalty and commitment lead to a trustworthy environment and mutual understanding which ultimately leads to quality deliverance.

Honest communication: We at iKart Solutions strongly believe in honest communication internally as well as externally. Problems fester when there is a lack of honest communication. We always complete what we commit.

Passion: Being passionate about what we do is the most important factor in any individual as well as company growth.

Appreciation: We at iKart Solutions are always grateful to our reputed clients and to our employees. False appreciation leads to destruction but honest appreciation leads to construction.

Simplicity: There is nothing better than simplicity, this has led us to transparency with our clients and which has been the foundation to customer relationships.

Directness: At iKart Solutions what we commit is what you get. We always believe in being straightforward and up to the mark without making false commitments which later on need to be regretted.