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Engagement Model

1. Fixed Price Service Model:

Are you short of time and in need of a high quality solution???Well then fixed price model will surely help you out.

If you are into a small-medium scale business with a fixed set of objectives for your project, then this model is exclusively tailor made for you. If your scope is clearly defined with a fixed budget, then we at iKart Solutions promise to deliver our best to you within fixed deadlines.

  • Clear objectives
  • Limited Time
  • Fixed budget
  • Small and Medium scale business.
  • Discuss your requirement.
  • We will analyze your project with further queries in response.
  • Your feedback shall be taken regarding our analysis.
  • Once analyzed, we shall provide you with quotation and project completion time limit.
  • Once you approve, we commence.
  • In time delivery of your project as promised.
  • High quality solutions by experienced professionals.
  • Minimal changes during execution of your project.
  • Delivered within fixed time and budget.

2. Time and Material Model:

Pay as much as you consume, this is what is simply meant by time and material model. In this model, customer agrees to a fixed price and a timeline at the beginning of the project. This model is trendy with customers as it provides the freedom to make a financial plan with timeline. Rest is taken care by iKart Solutions by promising a timely deliverance within the financial plan.

  • Medium to large scale business.
  • Longer duration.
  • Progress in specifications with progress in implementation.
  • Send us your inquiry.
  • We shall suggest you T&M Model once we analyze your requirements.
  • You agree and award us.
  • Development begins.
  • You monitor development, suggest changes as per your requirement.
  • We complete your project in time.
  • Flexibility to changes while in execution.
  • Frequent communication with our team.
  • Regular submission of work reports to receive your proper feedback.
  • Increase or decrease your resources with respect to your budget.
  • Optimal solutions with fixed financial plan and timeline.

3.Offshore Development Center Model:

Do you prefer custom made??Well then there is something for you in here. The offshore development center model is now a popular business model which helps to lower operating expenses and raise your productivity levels by leveraging talent offshore. We at iKart Solutions excel in delivering services to a wide range of business using ODC.

  • For startups as well as existing business.
  • Setup and supported by an outsourcing service provider.
  • Receiving your inquiry and discussing estimation for monthly budget.
  • We consider a particular model and building up a team as per your requirements.
  • Initial budget sign off.
  • Setup communication and workflow.
  • Development begins at the working site.
  • Completion of work as per the planning.
  • Flexibility as solutions will be tailored as per client’s needs.
  • Shorter timeframe as compared to other models in consideration to the size of project.
  • Cost savings upto 40-80% in a well managed ODC provided by us.
  • Precision at its best as working will be done by a handpicked team especially for you.
  • On time completion of project.
  • High level of security.
  • Time tested and quality focused methodologies.
  • Freedom to focus on core competencies.
  • Long-term relationship with a technical partner like iKart Solutions.