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Developement Approach

It is very critical that we follow standard processes to provide solutions to our customers. We follow standard SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) process to


In order to provide best solutions, we engage with our customers and try to know their processes/workflows/operations etc. We analyse the problem and identify all the possible solutions to overcome problems. We discuss with stakeholders possible solutions to their problems, which technology to use, which platforms to support, longevity of the proposed solutions, impacts on the business and processes, cost involved etc. Based on the analysis done final solution to be implemented is agreed upon with the customer.

Requirement Analysis

Once the solution to the problem is identified, next step is to discuss and finalize the solution centric requirements with customer. Documentation i.e. FRS (Functional Requirement Specification), SRS (Software Requirement Specification), Scope definition, etc. is written, approved and agreed upon during this phase.


Based on the documentation prepared in previous phase, systemsolution architecture is designed. Design document helps in determining the hardware/software/services required, input/outputs to the system. While designing, we keep in mind the modularity of the solution and longevity of the solution.


Actual hands on work start in this phase. Competent team of developers is assigned to the project. Careful assessment is done while assigning resources. If resources available at the disposal with us lack the competency to work on the project we either hire the new resource or train our in-house resources to acquire required competency. While coding the solutions, our development team strictly follows standard procedures i.e. coding guidelines, source code repository check-in/checkout guidelines (if customer provides its own guidelines we adapt to customer’s guidelines as well), unit test writing, etc. We ensure that development team is equipped with required hardware/software/services to do justice with the job. Regular code reviews, progress reviews, planning meetings, etc. happens and customer is fully kept informed about the state of the project. Regular interaction of the development team and customer also takes place as agreed with customer.


Quality of the services we provide is of paramount importance to us. Integration testing, module testing, performance testing, etc. is performed to ensure that solution developed meets highest standard of quality and solution provided to the customer performs as per the customer’s satisfaction. If required and agreed UAT (User Acceptance Test) is also performed.


Upon successful implementation and testing, solution is either delivered to customer or deployed to various platforms as agreed. Full support is provided to the customer even after deployment to help customer with any nagging issues that might crop up.