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Android Application Development

Android is Linux kernel based operating system developed by Google. Android's source code is available under open source license and this open nature of the platform has encouraged a large community of developers to take up application development on Android platform. Android is very popular with technology companies which requires a ready-made, low-cost and customizable operating system for their high-tech devices.

Android provides bold, colourful and responsive UI design for consistent and intuitive experience across all devices. Android operating system supports touch inputs, that loosely correspond to real-world actions, like swiping, tapping, pinching, and reverse pinching to manipulate on-screen objects and perform necessary user actions. Android also supports advance features like notification panel (to control which message user will see), Quick settings (to get most frequently used operation at a swipe of finger), etc.

As of today, over one million applications have been published in Google Play store and number is increasing with each passing day. Android operating system has market share of around 76% in smartphone segments. These number shows the popularity of android platform and encourages businesses to adapt this platform for their business interests.

Why choose iKart Solutions for Android App Development?

At iKart Solutions, we have a dedicated team of Android app developers who understands the Android platform and can develop customised applications for customers. Our development team is well updated with current trends in market and hence they are capable of developing user-friendly and user-centric apps that adds value to the businesses of our customer/end users. Our developers keep updating themselves on the newer versions of the Android operating systems, SDKs, APIs, Tools, etc. and make sure that they exploit the platform features in a best possible way while developing the application. We support our customers right from conceptualization to successful deployment of the applications to the Google play store. We have all necessary resources i.e. hardware / softwares / licences at our disposal to carry out the application development work smoothly and efficiently.

Our services :
  • Provide consulting services to determine your business needs and solutions
  • Application development from scratch (i.e. from idea/concept to successful deployment of application to Google play store)
  • Technology upgrades (i.e. upgrade existing app to latest version of platform)
  • Develop applications which runs on different devices powered by Android i.e. smartphone, tablets, etc.
  • Provide maintenance and enhancement support for applications